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item imageReliable and Trustworthy CaretakersWith your busy life, it is difficult to consistently provide the customized attention and care your pets have come to expect from Moms & Dads. With years of satisfied owners, you can rely on High Tails n Trails to provide that reliable, dependable pet sitting service your family members deserve while you are away.
item imageSatisfaction GuaranteedAs professional pet sitters, we are always aware of any special needs required during our visits. Our goal is to make your pet sitting experience with High Tails and Trails as satisfying as possible. Our customized service is to ensure that your pet will receive the same care and love we provide to our own. We strive to be your best dog walker and pet care provider.
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Pet Sitter and Dog Walker in Golden, CO


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Delivering customized pet care designed around your personal needs is what we do best at High Tails n Trails. When you want to provide high-quality pampering for your furry friend while you're wrapped up in your busy schedule, contact us for the top-notch care your pet deserves.


We are your premier source for dog walking and pet sitting in Golden, CO. We know you care deeply for your pet and want the absolute best for them. We have a staff of animal lovers who are passionate about caring for your pet with the highest level of tender loving care. Whether they need to go for a walk, play with pals, crave companionship, or even receive care for their special needs, we have you covered. All of our caregivers are qualified to administer necessary medications for a broad spectrum of animals and are also animal CPR certified. Dogs and cats are our favorites, but we also accept other animals -- even snakes, birds, and others.

Whatever your schedule may be, we're here for your specific needs. We can take short-notice visits and accommodate for daily visits, special occasions, overnight stays, and vacations.

We're bonded, insured, and a member of Pet Sitters International.

Looking for a job? We're hiring. Contact us at hightailsntrails@gmail.com for more information! 


Put your worries about quality care for your pet to rest once and for all by making one call to High Tails n Trails. Call us at (720) 366-3666 today.


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